About Roger

Roger Bell has worked in power electronics for more than 25 years. His experience is from aerospace, avionics and commercial industries. He started Conifer Power Lab, LLC in 2010 to provide power electronic services to companies requiring additional talent, and to supplement the customer’s technical resources. Learn more about Roger by viewing his Linkedin profile.

"Roger served as the designer, analyst, and tester of a discrete power supply design for the MAVEN mission. He did a tremendous job implementing our required design changes and verifying them by analysis and test in the lab. He also corresponded with our NASA customer to obtain their approval of the design so that we could move forward with our flight builds. Through it all, Roger exhibited a high level of efficiency and productivity to go along with his technical expertise."

  - TN, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company

MAVEN         Artist's conception of MAVEN orbiting Mars (Image: NASA)